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  1. On February 3rd 1970 Pilot in command Herb Kerr became a hero. On Delta flight 411 Captain Herb Kerr landed his plane with zero fatalities. The plane had a mechanical explosive decompression that forced the plane into a downward spiral. The Co-Pilots front glass shattered and forced a vacuum sucking him out of the plane. Captain Herb Kerr grabbed him and held onto him while landing the plane safely. Herb received this very rare ( only 2 ever given ) award for his perseverance and attention to safety and protocol.
    Captain Herb Kerr passed away on July 25th 2017.
    Among Herbs accomplishments, he was a Concourse de’ elegance “best of show” winner with his impeccably perfect yellow Ferrari 275 GTB/4

    275 GTB/4 10269


    Herb ran and completed the Boston marathon more than 12 times and recieved “hundreds” of trophies from his running career. Herb was a US Air Force pilot and was able to break the sound barrier while in a flight process. Herb had a very rare pilots certification which allowed him to be able to fly “any / all” aircraft land or water. Herb was an avid Ferrari of Atlanta customer and had the ultimate attention to detail. Captain Herb Kerr above all was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was a true friend and will be missed by myself and everyone who knew him. Herb, spread your wings and fly to heaven my friend!
    We love you Captain Herbert Kerr…………


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