Bucksport Bar Gets Licenses Renewed

BUCKSPORT — A Route 1 bar had its liquor license and other permits renewed April 12 after town councilors heard a positive report from the police chief.

Tozier’s II Bar-N-Grill had been given conditional renewal of its liquor license last year, after violations there were brought to the council’s attention.

The renewal process required a public hearing at the April 12 meeting, and the only person to speak was Police Chief Sean Geagan.

Bar owner Michael Tozier was asked if he wanted to speak, but he said he was probably better off not saying anything.

Geagan said police made a number of unannounced visits to Tozier’s during the past year, and with the exception of one administrative violation the establishment was found to be in compliance each time.

“Overall, it’s been a good year,” said Geagan.

Councilor Byron Vinton said he was “very happy to see that Mike and the police have been able to work together.”

With no additional discussion, councilors voted unanimously to renew all licenses and permits (in addition the liquor license, there was a victualer’s license, special amusement permit and game room permit).

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